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News Brief: Metro Local Trains, Spring Festival Train Tickets and More

Date: 2013-01-10

Guangzhou Metro Launches Local Trains On Jan. 8

The underground train system of Guangzhou launched local trains running between Jiangtai Lu (江泰路) and Sanyuanli (三元里) stations of Line 2 on Jan. 8. Local trains will run only on this short section of Line 2 between 7:30am and 9:30am on working days.The interval between two local trains is two minutes and 30 seconds. The metro operator reminds all passengers to be pay attention to the station broadcast and the electronic bulletin boards in order to distinguish between local trains and ordinary trains. Passengers who take the local trains by mistake are asked to change to the ordinary trains at the next station to avoid crowding at the final station of the local.

Spring Festival Train Ticket Booking Opens

The railways system across China will take bookings for the Spring Festival period as of Jan. 7. Passengers can book train tickets online or by telephone 20 days in advance, and through the ticket offices and authorized ticket agents 18 days in advance. Beware that if the tickets are sold out on the internet and bye telephone, they are unavailable in the ticket offices and through ticket agents. Passengers who booked tickets by internet or telephone can obtain their tickets in the ticket offices or at ticket agents all over the country with the original copy of the identification document used for booking. (Tel: 9510 5105, Website:www.12306.cn)

Guangzhou Metro Issues One-day and Three-day Passes

The metro system of the city recently began offering one-day and three-day tickets for passengers, especially convenient for tourists in Guangzhou who can take the metro for an unlimited amount of time in a certain period. A one-day ticket costs RMB 20 and is valid for 24 hours after the first entrance. The three-day ticket costs RMB 50 and is valid for 72 hours. They are available at Guangzhou Railway Station, Guangzhou East Railway Station, Guangzhou South Railway Station, Airport South, Jiaokou, Kengkou, Tianhe Coach Terminal, Gongyuanqian, Chigang Pagoda, Chen Clan Academy, Yuexiu Park, Tiyu Xilu and Zumiao.

Police: Mainly Verbal Warnings for Yellow Light Violators

The Ministry of Public Security released a notice on Jan. 6, requesting the police to currently only give verbal warnings to drivers who violate a new traffic regulation by running the yellow traffic light. The new regulation, effective on Jan. 1, increases the penalty to deducting six credits out of 12 on driving licenses. There is widespread criticism, particularly on the internet, that it is too difficult to stop before the yellow light because in the existing traffic light settings, the green light turns to yellow very quickly.

(By Lynus Tan, Rik Glauert, photo by Guangzhou Daily)