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The China export commodities fair harvest 'Christmas orders'

Date: 2012-10-24

The 112th Canton fair held the second phase today, light wind still diffuse in the Canton fair. However, China's present enterprise windfall "Christmas orders", numerous exhibitors have said: "this Christmas contrary to what they believed earlier, business is not as expected cold".

Hangzhou luck festival adorn article toy company Christmas orders this year increased by 10%, the company general manager HuMing will earnings growth due to the second half of the order of the United States from accidental growth. Dalian pfennig international trade co., LTD., general manager leap PeiHua also said that American and Canadian Christmas orders better than expected, especially with terminal stores of American customers, sales performance is very ideal.

Many exhibitors reflect, the United States market relative appeared slight signs of warmer, it makes the enterprise to the future and hope, liaoning and Roman international trade company's main Halloween products, 90% of the products are sold to the United States, the company chairman ZhaiGang tells a reporter, this enterprise this year's order picks up about 4%, more than two years before things are improving trend.

Christmas is not optimistic about next year

Although the China export commodities fair in many participating enterprises that this year the Christmas season of harvest a lot of unexpected orders, but for the next year of the Christmas season situation judgment, they still say not optimistic.

"Next year's market change will not too big, because the economic recovery is still not coming." HuMing in Canton fair on Wednesday.

His opinion on behalf of the Canton fair on the common aspiration gift exporters, HaoFeng Christmas tree manufacturing co., LTD., general manager afterglow told reporters, because European economic environment no substantive improvement, next year's market outlook is still not optimistic. She even remind export enterprise to reduce expectations: "bad environment, the enterprise can't always thinking of export growth year after year." And HaoFeng company in response to the economic downturn, also introduced to degradation of new environmental protection materials Christmas tree, is very popular among European customer welcome.

And the United States Christmas market accident milder, compared to the European market is still the cold is very penetrating, many European export business share big enterprises, both felt performance decline, enterprises this year for 2 to 3 into decline, more some Christmas products enterprise order more than 5 into decline.

The European market is still cold

Spring tides occur group to produce party supplies is given priority to, last year's exports to 30 million us dollars, including 3 to 5 exporting to Europe. "It feels southern Europe market this year's larger problem, Germany, Britain post-communist." The chairman of the board ChenShengBi said.

Dalian pfennig international trade co., LTD., general manager leap PeiHua said Europe guest from the beginning of this year appear deferred payment situation. "At the moment we payment in arrears longest have 2 months, are looking for professional punish company help punish.