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The China export commodities fair initial admission into foreign down

Date: 2012-10-21

The China export commodities fair first 19 ended, the accumulation of 3 days before the foreign more than 82000 person-time, down nearly 12%. Chinese enterprises encounter complex export situation, predict the future within a few months of global trade activities are likely to continue in the downward channel in, this makes the global economy to achieve balance, restore to the steady growth of the demand appears more urgent.

The global market the grim situation

"Hong Kong commercial daily" report, be regarded as China's foreign trade situation barometer and wind vane of the China export commodities fair is held every year the two, each session of divided into three period, one of the period to the number of the number of usually to all about half. Considering the fair is 2011 years continuous four Canton first appeared a period to the number of buyers decline, the Chinese export enterprise is generally believed that this shows that in the first half of next year global market demand is likely to continue declining, global market situation is still very grim.

The China export commodities fair news spokesman LiuJianJun qi says the global economic downturn, the mainland over the next few months of foreign trade situation, is still severe, he expects the Canton fair deal, not optimistic.

Most of the Chinese enterprises and business associations believes that the current to the international market demand recovery impact the biggest or the debt crisis continues to spread across. China national chemicals import and export chamber of commerce integrated department director GuoHongJun said, according to statistics, the fair in addition to English, French, Russian buyers a little increase outside, Europe and the United States to reduce a large number of buyers. While China mechanical and electrical products import and export chamber of commerce statistics show that in the China export commodities fair former 4, mechanical and electrical products and the European market turnover, fell 23.1%, 7.5% decline in America to clinch a deal to Africa, clinch a deal contrast to 0.3% drop slightly, showing that the European market weakness is a global trade continue to cause cooling.

Europe and the United States to reduce a large number of buyers

Many exhibitors are complaining about the Canton fair quotation is pale, "foreign are the Middle East, South America, Europe and the United States guest haven't seen a, it makes a sad". Have the exhibitors even said, the effect is better than a year a year, and the cost is increased year by year, want to consider whether to play again after.

Industrial electrical production primarily of zhejiang enterprise AnDeLi group executive vice President MaoHuiMin said, this enterprise this year is expected to achieve economic contrarian nearly 20% of sales growth, a major in Europe business atrophy, in southeast Asia, the Middle East, South Africa and America won the growth, "although the European and American market also occupy an important position, but developing countries are to catch up, the next few years on their worldwide market proportion will rise further." Material emerging markets increase the proportion of mechanical and electrical products import and export chamber of commerce in China data is showed that in Europe to clinch a deal and the proportion of beauty to clinch a deal both falling at the same time, China's mechanical and electrical enterprise and Brazil, Russia, India, South Africa, and nuggets five clinch a deal amount contrarian micro increase 0.1%, accounting for the proportion of clinch a deal amount to 19.7%, the display emerging market countries trade between relative more dynamic.

Foreign trade situation of continuous "tight" will undoubtedly further prompted China to speed up the domestic demand, adjust the pace of export-oriented industrial structure, and the global market and industry pattern change radically. Economic analysts forecast, the Chinese government guide foreign trade industry "inlook" efforts will continue to increase.

Labor intensive industry moved to speed up

However, in the heart of Brazil's largest purchaser of chamber of commerce, alex said, the second half of this year China's purchase price of many, and their purchasing cost is very high, and some of them worked before the company this year will move out of the factory in China, so for them, the Canton fair appeal nature as past, and this trend may also will continue.

Some market experts believe that, although in the short term will not appear until the large-scale industry, but the global economy to balance the another characteristic of will be the country's huge labor-intensive industries, especially in the part of the capacity ZhongDiDuan capacity will speed up to neighboring countries and regions. Guangdong foreign trade department data show that since this year, by the province transferred to 41 overseas investment projects, including transfer to Malaysia and Vietnam were up to 15 and 13, textile and clothing and shoes and hats, etc give priority to.

For nissan partial product sign margin

Another according to the general administration of customs website news, since on October 19, 2012 on, will be to originated from nissan (North America) automobile co., LTD. Is part of the automobile products, anti-dumping tax margin and countervailing duty margin and the corresponding import consumption tax margin and import link value-added tax margin. In the ministry of commerce and make a re-examination decision before, temporary don't impose anti-dumping and countervailing duties.