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Plan de l'hotel
Guangzhou Jinzhou Hotel, Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.Chambre d 'amis a un accès large bande à l' Internet, et des chambres d 'affaires ad hoc pour répondre aux besoins des clients d' affaires modernes.Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.Le restaurant arabe orthodoxe est situé à droite du hall de l 'hôtel: Restaurant mille et un nuits; restaurant cantonais orthodoxe à 200 mètres à droite: renshan renhai.Jinzhou Hotel est situé à 5 minutes de la gare de Guangzhou (marché de gros de vêtements de cheval blanc) en voiture, à 25 minutes de la Chambre de commerce de Pazhou, le trafic est très pratique, est l 'endroit idéal pour les négociations commerciales et les voyages de loisirs.
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Hôtel FAQ
  • Cet hôtel est de Guangzhou New Baiyun Internationgal Airport Quelle est sa distance?

    Guangzhou Jinzhou Hotel est à 27.8km de l'aéroport.

  • Guangzhou Jinzhou Hotel propose-t-il un service de navette?

    Non, l'hôtel n'a pas de service de navette.

  • Quels sont les horaires d'arrivée et de départ à Guangzhou Jinzhou Hotel ?

    L'enregistrement s'effectue à 14:00-00:00 et le départ à 08:00-12:00 à Guangzhou Jinzhou Hotel.

  • L'établissement Guangzhou Jinzhou Hotel dispose-t-il d'une piscine et d'une salle de fitness?

    Non, l'hôtel ne dispose pas de piscine ni de salle de sport. Voir plus de détails.

  • L'établissement Guangzhou Jinzhou Hotel dispose-t-il un restaurant sur place ?

    Oui, vous pouvez manger à l'hôtel.

  • Guangzhou Jinzhou Hotel dispose-t-il d'une connexion haut débit ou Wifi?

    Oui, veuillez contacter la réception de l'hôtel pour plus de détails.

  • Guangzhou Jinzhou Hotel accepte-t-il le prépaiement?

    Acceptez, veuillez soumettre votre commande avant de nous contacter.

  • Guangzhou Jinzhou Hotel accepte-t-il les cartes de crédit?

    Non, l'hôtel n'accepte pas les cartes de crédit.

  • Quel est le tarif d'un séjour à l'établissement Guangzhou Jinzhou Hotel?

    Les tarifs commencent à partir de CNY260, selon le type de chambre et la date.

Commentaires Plus
  • anyanruining
    Easily accessible, large
  • TerranceT
    Convenient facilities poor.
  • wu38601
    Hotel transportation is convenient, they go out the subway, opposite the yuexiu Park! hotel room is very big, is the room furnishings are very old, enough years head.
  • freedom200
    Convenient traffic and subway station distance but some old equipment slightly backward. Large French window nice
    The aging facilities, but also mixed with some company on the same floor, feel good
    Discerning friends, or choose a well-known hotel chain good!
  • fuyun284246358
    Traffic is convenient, out is yuexiu Park Metro e export, next door is South more King Tomb Museum, go more several step on has many Cantonese Restaurant, next door is flow spent road, various convenient. but Hotel does old has points, noise good, but air conditioning is too noisy has, spent sprinkled also somewhat problem, said is four star, feel not to, live of that room of door weird of, old fear casually was people open. short-term travel can recommended. has WiFi, has broadband, equipment pretty full, free provides aOf the following products.
  • ace900
    A helpless one accommodation.
  • at8146
    Yes, price is very high in this lot
  • dawei011011
    Service is very good, when hotel occupancy, the reception staff initiative in coordinating the largest room asking the same price whether used? and make adjustments. well, am sad! the hotel location next to subway e exit, the traffic is very convenient. rooms are large, clean and tidy
  • nilingying
    Basically, is that speed is too slow and needs to be improved!
  • conniei
    Price, room is big and out of Line 2 Metro entrance e, very convenient
  • laney
    The hotel don't even know what to say, facility is too bad price Stock. mattresses are made my waist, no free breakfast or complimentary mineral water. an advantage only next door is the subway. isn't it too late, and catch the fair a lot of hotels are full, don't live here.
  • m04077770
    Old, small rooms, pillows smell, live
  • adele_sy
    Hotel facilities in older, more foreigners, there are many companies in Office buildings, is not professional, encountered during the trade fair room rate skyrocketing, service
  • abc Niu
    Too long has the taste
  • Jeff00116439
    Older, close to Metro station
  • wilsonleew
    Room was old, place was OK, room facilities, is black too much, people feel very uncomfortable!
  • laurel_dyf
    Building and furnishings are a bit old, location is good.
  • jw322719
    Room large spacious but not to force hot water
  • anyobu
    Close to Canada Consulate, the traffic is very convenient, rooms are clean and very suitable for my requirement, from the high-speed rail station is also very near, like, next to Guangzhou.
  • bjprdeco
    Hotels in the city center, beside the China Hotel, a lot of people from Middle East countries. the decoration of the hotel is too old, bad health, you won't stay.
  • Cxn2008
    More nearby attractions, and a very good environment, it is worth staying.
  • e01185140
    Older, mainly near the square, easy to ride in the morning.
  • e00449421
    Good location, Metro station downstairs, but the hotel facilities ~
  • mn408766438
    Hotel is located in the city centre, convenient, quiet, the room was clean, decorated and cozy than comparable hotels, great. waiters are warm, also featured a free SPA experience, will stay again.
  • limoji
    Big room, good location
  • crystal228
    Very simple room
  • Camel0135
    Very nice rooms, central air conditioning, large Windows, large room with sofa and TV, very comfortable, really feel it
  • e00157297
    In addition to the room for a long time, others for 5 minutes, is Yes, yuexiu Park station directly downstairs.
  • anbbgbwa
    Travel from the place near location varies
  • pcbtestgod
    Nice, but a bit dated, the traffic is very convenient
  • i_blog
    Nice picture window looks really cool, only cable interface, if there is WIFI is perfect,
  • e02764992
    For two days, such an expensive price, implementation of the dirty, old, attitude is not good at all, will never live again the second time.
  • Bill_Gu
    Facilities almost
  • freesia846
    I live opposite the 13A10 Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, good scenery
  • andrew_gyf
    Pretty good.
  • carrie_lei
    It's OK
  • eadangba
    The location was excellent, very close to the Metro, easy. There is a free underground car park and the urban areas is simple. rooms are large and clean.
  • aon112
    Nice hotel
  • abbaxx2000
    Close to work place, but older.
  • bobeyruoruo
    Mix of hotel rooms and rental unit, not quiet nor safe, let alone what services. away from the room Windows are single layer, sound insulation effect with no difference in the street. was determined not to stay later.
  • davis8325
    Yitai square, easy tour
  • Timli
    Of no practical value too aging facilities.
  • Caeleon
    Next time you won't choose here. the hotel guest in the Middle East, mixed with some Office. rooms are large, but very old, free drinking water for the first day, after that there will be no bed nor a plug in. bathroom shower no shower curtain or door, washing is a water. not to save money for the company, which rates the Han court is better than here.
  • diudiu029
    Poor health, service even worse.
  • cisco_ecom
    Hotel in good location, airport bus to down a street, downstairs is the Metro station, around there is a food court, the hotel room was large, but relatively old facilities, price/performance.
  • liuyuexian7788
    Great location convenient to live comfortable
    Very good location, hotel is very old, single apartment alterations, however, such a good location the prices are great; rooms are spacious, hotel near the support is also very good, highly recommended!
  • d03531081
    Not my idea of good slippers are not disposable, health status improvement, next to the Metro station which is good. older hotel, Middle East who did a lot, don't know if it's Office here.